Wood protection by vacuum-pressure impregnation

Vacuum-pressure impregnation is a primary wood protection process, in which we achieve the deepest possible penetration and a maximum uptake of the primary preservative into the wood. This process protects wood intended to be exposed to the most severe conditions and uses.

  • Primary protection
  • External surfaces
  • Wooden surfaces
  • For wood exposed to the most severe conditions
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Why vacuum pressure implosion?

If the wood is in constant contact with running water, soil or even seawater*, it is necessary that the process of wood protection is carried out by experts. In these cases, only special equipment with vacuum-pressure impregnation can provide sufficiently effective protection against wood pests.

* The sea is the most demanding form of wood exposure, so the protection process must be adapted for this purpose .

Purposes of use

Vacuum-pressure impregnation of wood is thus mainly used for wood whose intended uses are:

  • vineyard poles,
  • wooden pavings,
  • wooden terraces,
  • shingles (wooden roofing),
  • logs,
  • piles in seawater and piers*,
  • wooden bridges,
  • all kinds of wooden fences in direct contact with the soil
  • all load-bearing elements of wooden structures exposed to precipitation and/or running water.


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