Wood protection by thermal modification process – Silvapro®

Silvapro® is a modern, environmentally friendly and multiple-award-winning wood protection process in which we do not use any chemicals. The Silvapro® process is therefore a completely natural wood preservation process, as it increases the protection of wood and its resistance to wood pests by using heat alone, without adding any chemicals!

  • Primary protection
  • External surfaces
  • Interior surfaces
  • 100% natural wood protection
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What is thermal modification?

Thermally modified wood is an excellent material for use in moist areas and outdoors and, due to its lower thermal conductivity, it is also very suitable for the production of windows and doors, if selected and used in the right way.

Wood is composed of cells, and cell walls are made of cellulose, hemicelluloses and lignin. By changing (modifying) the structure of these macromolecules, some of wood properties can be improved. In the case of thermal modification (special heat treatment) of wood, the changes in the structure of the wood macromolecules are the result of spontaneous thermochemical reactions which take place at elevated temperatures between 180 °C and 230 °C in an inert atmosphere.

Competitive advantages

Thermally modified wood using our patented Silvapro® process boasts the following competitive advantages: Silvapro® :

  • completely natural wood protection,
  • improved resistance to wood pests,
  • significantly longer service life,
  • reduced thermal conductivity
  • improved dimensional stability
  • exotic dark appearance (throughout the cross-section!),
  • increased water repellency,
  • 100% human and environmentally friendly,
  • permanent protection, no further maintenance.

Which wood is it suitable for?

The process is suitable for improving the properties of most species of conifers and deciduous trees, solid wood and veneer. High-quality and tropical wood species can thus be replaced on an equal footing with lower-quality and less attractive wood species, which are abundant in our forests, without the use of chemical preservatives. Thermal modification of selected indigenous wood species can thus replace, at least equivalently, the use of higher- or lower-quality exotic and tropical wood species (e.g., Siberian larch, teak, meranti, ipe, etc.).

Wood exposed to the weather conditions and the sun (UV rays) patinates (turns grey) over time, which is a natural process that does not affect the quality of the wood. If you want to further colour the modified wood or prevent the surface from patinating, we recommend using our water-based stain – Silvanol stain B or Silvacera® natural wax formulation, which, in addition to their function of colouring the wood, also offer additional protection against weather conditions.

Competitive advantages

You can deliver the wood for the Silvapro® thermal modification treatment yourself, buy it from our stock or, for larger projects, we can also provide you with the finishing elements according to your specific project requirements

To order the  »thermal wood modification« ” service and for advice, please contact us weekdays between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m on 080 1202 or 01 2800571, or send your enquiry to

Instructions for the selection and preparation of wood for Silvapro® Instructions for the treatment and use of Silvapro®



Silvapro® wood was tested at the Faculty of Biotechnology of the University of Ljubljana as part of the R&D project RIP09.