Wood protection by 24-hour dipping

Dipping is a primary wood preservative treatment process that increases the amount of preservative absorbed into the wood, making it more resistant to wood pests and ensuring a higher durability class and thus a longer service life.

  • Primary protection
  • External surfaces
  • Interior surfaces
  • For wood exposed to precipitation
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For less exposed outdoor wood

For less exposed outdoor wood (e.g., roof trusses, eaves, wooden linings under roofs), it is usually sufficient to protect the wood by coating it with a rich coating of a wood preservative (e.g., Silvaroyal®). Conversely

Conversely, all wooden parts where there is a possibility of high humidity (e.g., cellars), accidental events (e.g., defects in the construction of wooden structures and houses resulting in condensation of water vapour, leakages of water installations, etc.) or exposure to excessive moisturizing, should be protected by a more prominent wood protection procedure such as dipping (or even vacuum-pressure impregnation, depending on the demanded preservative uptake).

For wood exposed to precipitation

For wood exposed to precipitation (e.g., facade cladding, garden fences, etc.), it is recommended to soak the wood in the preservative for a long time in special troughs (e.g., wooden troughs, lined with foil) or basins, which allows the preservative to penetrate deeper into the wood, thus increasing the quality of its protection.

For this purpose, Silvaprodukt offers a 24-hour wood dipping service.


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