Wooden Roofing of the Idrija Municipal Museum’s Miner’s House

In 2014, the roof of the Idrija Municipal Museum’s Miner’s House was renovated. The wood covering used in this renovation was protected with our wood preservative Silvanolin®. In 5 years’ time the wood got an even silver-gray patina which is a consequence of natural ageing and does not influence the wood’s functionality. Due to the quality of the preservative, the wood still shows no signs of damage or deterioration. 
The wood preservative Silvanolin® offers excellent protection for wood coverings as it significantly extends the lifetime of the wooden elements exposed to weathering, at the same time preserving the wood’s aesthetic function. So, industrially produced wood elements made from cheaper, lower-quality wood can also be used for this purpose. 
We will gladly continue to observe the ageing process of the Idrija Municipal Museum’s Miners’ House wood covering.