Planica Nordic Centre and Ski Jump

The Planica Valley is a well-known site of a world-famous traditional ski festival – ski flying. It has hosted practically all the biggest events and competitions in ski flying, from World Cup competitions to the New Year’s Tour, the World Ski Flying Championships, etc. Its location and use of infrastructure puts an enormous strain on the ski jumps and infrastructure throughout the year (high humidity, frost, snow, rain, contact with the ground, heavy use, etc.). Our company also participated in the renovation of this world-famous ski jumping facility and Slovenia’s national pride, contributing its share to the protection of the wooden structure of the ski-jump ramp with the preservative Silvanolin®. We have protected the take-off and landing sections of the largest ski-jump ramp. To ensure the highest quality of protection and help withstand the extreme conditions to which the facility is exposed, we have used a vacuum pressure impregnation process to protect the wood. 

In 2019, we also participated in the construction of the new Nordic Centre, for which we contributed thermally modified wood using our patented Silvapro® process.