Istria Sustainability Park

The Istria Sustainability Park creates a space for cooperation and innovation. It is a supportive environment for research, education and active practice of sustainable development. It works with competent individuals and organisations to develop models of sustainability in practice that can be applied elsewhere in Slovenia and beyond. It is the result of the exceptional resources of the Istria belt, right on the Slovenian-Croatian border, where creative people are contributing a small piece to the mosaic of a sustainable society of the future. 
The buildings in the Istria Sustainability Park were fitted with windows from M Sora, d.o.o., made of thermally modified pine wood. The thermal treatment of the wood was carried out by Silvaprodukt. The innovative Silvapro® process, developed in collaboration with the Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana, dramatically increases the density of the wood and thus its insulating properties without the use of chemicals. The lifespan of such windows is longer than that of conventional pine windows due to their improved resistance to wood pests.