Wax preparation for water-based wood surface protection

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Product description

Silvacera® is water-based wax formulation designed to protect wood indoors and outdoors. It has z an outstanding water-repellent effect and is completely natural in origin. Silvacera®offers a high-tech alternative to synthetic wood preservative coatings and oils.

The most important factor affecting the rate of decomposition of wood is its moisture content. Making sure that the wood stays dry during use can significantly extend its service life!  Silvacera® wax emulsion is used to protect wood intended for outdoor use, exposed to all weather conditions, but not in constant contact with the ground (soil) or running water..It protects wooden elements from absorbing moisture and precipitation both on the surface and inside, thereby significantly increasing their service life.. Silvacera® wax emulsion is suitable for use on all types of natural and thermally modified wood (it is only less suitable for poorly absorbent woods, such as Larch, and woods with a higher tannin content, such as oak and chestnut). npr. hrast in kostanj).

Silvacera® is used for surface protection and, as thewax is non-flammable, it is also suitable for the protection of interior wood paneling.,, such as for protecting work surfaces, counters, etc. he superior property of Silvacera® wax is he superior property of Silvacera® wax is that  when applied to wood, it does not alter its natural appearance, but only enhances its structure...


For those who want to colour the wood at the same time as applying the protective coating, Silvacera® pigmented wax emulsion is also available in different colour tones,  especially for use on wood that is fully covered or protected from direct precipitation.Silvacera® wax should be reapplied when necessary.. Restoration is simple and sanding-free – the cleaned surface is simply recoated. Silvacera® wax emulsion was developed within the H2020-SME project WINTHERWAX (web link).

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Instructions for using Silvacera® wax emulsion can be found in the “Instructions for use" »Tab below«.


Packaging units: 1 kg in 5 kg.

Silvacera® colour chart


Biotechnical Faculty (Department of Wood Science & Technology), University of Ljubljana


Use of the product

Product properties


In tightly sealed original packaging



Number of applications

Usually 2 (increase as necessary)


1 l is sufficient for a quality protection of 8 – 12 m2
Recommended consumption per 1 m2 is 80 – 120 g/m2

Drying between applications

2  6 hours (depending on conditions)

Final drying

Approximately 6 to 12 hours

Shelf life

2 years from the date of manufacture

Show instructions for use
Preparation of materials, space and working conditions:
  • Only clean and healthy wood, free of decay and insect damage, must be used.
  • Silvacera® wax is most effective as a systemic protection in combination with Silvapro® thermally modified wood.
  • If Silvacera® wax is to be used on wood that will be exposed outdoors to all weather conditions (rain, snow, high humidity, etc.), or will be in constant contact with soil and/or running water, it is also possible to pre-protect the wood with Silvanolin® primary wood preservative, which improves the wood’s resistance to pests (but may have a negative effect on the water repellency of the wax itself);
  • When applying Silvacera® wax, it is important that the wood elements or structures are mechanically finalised, clean and adequately dry (although wax can also be applied to untreated wood).
  • Silvacera® wax is mainly used to protect wooden windows, doors, garden and balcony railings, pergolas, garden furniture, beehives, children’s playground structures, etc.
  • As the wax is non-flammable, it is also suitable for the protection of all wood used indoors (e.g., wooden panelling).
  • Wood shall be properly dried before applying Silvacera® wax (wood moisture content between 15 and 20%).
  • The specified minimum working temperature for the application of Silvacera® wax is above 5 degrees Celsius. We advise against applying the wax in strong scorching sun (to avoid premature drying and possible reduction in the quality of the wax adhesion), so at temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius, we suggest that the application and drying of coated wooden elements should be carried out in a shaded, well-ventilated area.
  • If the wood has been pre-treated with Silvanolin® or Silvanol wood preservative, the wood should be well dried (wood moisture content between 15 and 20%) before applying Silvacera® wax.
  • Silvacera® wax should never be diluted with water or mixed with other preparations and substances, as this may significantly reduce its effectiveness.
  • Wash tools with water and detergent after work is finished.
  • No special protective equipment is required to work with Silvacera®.
  • Silvacera® wax should be stored in its tightly sealed original packaging.
  • After the final application of Silvacera® wax, we advise against further wood processing such as planning, sanding, sawing, drilling, milling, etc., since these operations will cause the removal of the finish layer.
  • Silvacera® wax must not freeze

Application procedure of Silvacera® wax by brushing:

  1. The wooden elements to be coated and protected with Silvacera® shall first be placed on stands or surfaces provided for this purpose.
  2. Protect the subfloor and flooring with an appropriate waterproof material, e.g., PVC sheeting.
  3. Prior to the application of Silvacera® wax, the packaging units shall be well rotary shaken or stirred to ensure that the components contained are homogeneous or that there is no visible pigment deposit at the bottom of the packaging.
  4. Start applying the first layer of Silvacera® wax with a dense, well-absorbing brush. Make sure that you are precise in your work and that you apply a generous coat of Silvacera on all sides of the selected wood element, while avoiding any dripping.
  5. Wait between 2 and 6 hours (depending on the time of year and weather conditions) between wax applications to allow the wax to soak into the wood and dry properly.
  6. After the first application of wax, a second application shall be applied evenly to all previously coated wood surfaces.
  7. When applying Silvacera® wax, it is important to observe the specified minimum application rate of the product on the wood, which should be 80-100 g/m2 at the end of the application, which is usually achieved by two generous brush applications of the wax (in the case of poor uptake, the number of applications should be increased accordingly).
  8. The finished wood protected with Silvacera® wax can only be exposed to outdoor weather conditions at least 6 hours after the application of the last layer.

* Other Silvacera wax application processes on wood are designed for professional users. If you need to protect large quantities of wood surfaces with Silvacera® wax, we can also provide this service for you at our production facility.

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