Cookie policy


Cookie policy

Cookies are small word files saved by most websites into the users’ devices and they are intended for saving internet settings. The aim of cookies is to recognise certain devices that the users have adopted in accessing a website. This enables websites to recognise if the user has visited them before and they can thereby adapt the content shown accordingly. The storage of cookies is under complete control of the web browser used by an individual user meaning that any user can limit or completely disable cookie storage as they see fit.

Why are cookies necessary?

Cookies are vital for ensuring pleasant online services for the user. The most common functions of e-commerce would not be possible without cookies. The interaction between the web user and the website is faster and simpler with the help of cookies. With the aid of cookies, a website can memorize an individual’s preferences and experiences and thereby save time and make browsing through websites more efficient and pleasurable. Cookies are used by the majority of websites as they are a handy tool to keep fresh and appropriate content in accordance with the interest and preferences of an individual web user.

Websites use different types of cookies.

Strictly Necessary Cookies (non-invasive cookies)

These cookies are always enabled and essential for basic operation of sites. Without these cookies, websites do not function properly. In accordance with this we do not specifically ask for permission to use these cookies.

This means that cookies remember you so you are able to browse peacefully through websites. This group includes cookies used for a website to remember your data in online forms, shopping bags, the step towards completing a purchase, etc. They are mandatory as they also ensure safety and prevent system abuse.

Functionality Cookies and Analytics Cookies (invasive cookies with consent)

Functionality Cookies are cookies that improve the user’s experience on sites. Permission for using these cookies is gained by use, that is, agreement. The Analytics Cookies enable the use of anonymous tracking to improve site functionality, ensurea more personalized experience on our website, and store your decisions when using our website. These cookies for tracking enable the analysis of visits and content viewed. These cookies are anonymous and do not enable tracking specifically identified users. They also do not enable easier identification of product that could be interesting to you. In some cases, the advantage of these cookies is improved speed for processing your demands, sensing and storing your settings, and help in connecting with social media. If you do not choose these cookies, this can result in poorly formed recommendations.


Managing and deleting cookies

Some users do not want to use cookies, that is why most web browsers enable managing cookies for individual users’ preferences.

To enable precise control over your own privacy you can set the rules for managing cookies separately for each website in some browsers. This way you can block cookies from unknown websites, and enable operation of cookies from sites you trust.

Hereby we have to warn you that the site only functions optimally if the cookies in your browser, that is, on our sites, are enabled. Although you will disable cookies, this will not affect necessary cookies, which will -despite your decision – continue to download in accordance with the Electronic Communications Act of the Republic of Slovenia (ZEKom-1).


Which cookies are used by the website

Silvaprodukt ensures better, user-friendlier, and personally tailored operation and display of sites with the help of cookies. They also aid in user analysis, traffic flow control (statistics purposes), and more efficient advertising. No cookie used on our website gathers data which would enable us to personally identify you. Data is used solely for analysis purposes by the company Silvaprodukt.

By continuing to use this website you agree with our cookie policy. You can change your cookie settings anytime.

Our websites and applications use the following cookies:

Invasive cookies used after agreement:

– wp-settings
– wp-settings-time
– wordpress_logged_and
– moove_gdpr_popup

Non-invasive cookies, necessary for site operation:

– Google Analytics

1WordPresswp-settings-WordPress sets some wp-settings-[UID] cookies The number at the end is the user’s identification number, which is listed in the users database table. The cookie is used to adjust the view of the administration interface and the site’s view.After 1. year
2WordPresswp-settings-time WordPress sets some wp-settings-[UID] cookies. The number at the end is the user’s identification number,
which is located in the users table of the database.
The cookie is used to customize the look of the admin interface and the look of the website.
After 1. year
3WordPresswordpress_logged_in_WordPress uses this cookie to check who is logged into the system.After a completed browsing session.
4WordPresswordpress_sec_ ali wordpress_test_cookieWordPress uses this cookie to check who is logged into the system.After a completed browsing session
5Google Analytics_gaIt is used to track user interactions with the website.After 2. years
6Google Analytics_gidto store and count page views. 1 Day
7 Automattic, JetPack, WooCommerce/td>

tk_aito store a unique user ID.Session
8 WooCommerce_woocommerce_cart_*to store items in the shopping cart.Session
9 WPMLwp-wpml_current_languageto save language settings. 1 day


wordpress_test_cookieto read whether cookies can be installed.Session


pavarti-cookie //


_lscache_vary Ensure prevention of cached pages.2 Days


_stripe_mid Ensure fraud preventionAfter the 1st year


_stripe_sid Ensure fraud prevention 30min


Wp-Bvfw-Bypass-Cookie with unknown functionality After the browsing session is over



to store items in the shopping cart.




to read whether cookies can be installed.


We undertake not to forward our own cookies onto third persons. Cookies can be deleted or disabled in your browser settings. The instructions are below. If you disable cookies, some sites might not operate correctly.

Cookie operator: Silvaprodukt d.o.o.

Instructions for editing and deleting cookies in a browser:

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