Vision, mission and values



Development and provision of environmentally-friendly and efficient solutions for long-term and quality protection of wood while respecting the principles of viability and sustainability. Our goal is to become a recognisable WOOD PRESERVATION CENTRE in the region of Slovenia and nearby EU countries.


Silvaprodukt is a socially responsible company..

High professionalism, knowledge and 70 years of experience allow us to produce, advise and educate in the field of wood protection and offer our customers and business partners high-quality solutions for the protection of all wood, regardless of the purpose of use.

We promote and raise awareness of the expediency of the use of wood and wood products and the importance of its quality protection for long-term durability.

Through various measures and incentives, we create a positive organisational culture and atmosphere, providing our employees a creative and pleasant working environment in a development-oriented company.


Professionalism: We strive for the satisfaction of our users, so professionalism in our work is extremely important. Our professionalism is based on our experience, expertise and inter-connection. We are constantly striving to perform our work in a quality, efficient, conscientious, responsible and timely manner – professionally.

Responsibility and respect: We show responsibility both with regard to our work, the company and everyone we come in contact with through our work. We treat the property and good name of the company with due care and prudence, while staying concious of the fact that the stakeholders who we cooperate with trust us, and we accept this trust with utmost responsibility. We respect the individual and treat everyone the way we would like others to treat us.

Creativity and innovation:We face challenges daily, so we are always seeking to be creative in order to meet our customers’ needs and wishes in a quality and professional manner. Our creativity is also the basis of our innovation, which we nurture and implement in various international projects and through cooperation with knowledge institutions in Slovenia and the world.

Cooperation: Because together we can do more and because cooperation brings better results, we encourage each individual to contribute to the shared goals, as we are all part of the same team and can achieve the set goals only together.

Affiliation: Connectedness, sincere and open relationships, friendly atmosphere, respectful communication, willingness to help, mutual understanding and trust … We, the employees at all levels of the company, have taken the company for our own and this is also how we work – as an extended family. We are proud to be part of Silvaproduct!