All contacts and main business data of Silvaprodukt.

Company sales representatives

For any questions, tours, orders and purchases, you can contact our sales representatives, listed by areas.

Dolenjska, Bela krajina
Jože Krampelj,
+386 41 716 739

Central Slovenia, Gorenjska, Koroška, Austria, Germany and Switzerland – Pavel M. Novak, 
+386 51 413 424

Notranjska, Primorska and Croatia
Tone Žagar 51 418 330,
+386 41 758 613

Industrial store

All products can be purchased at affordable prices at our industrial store.



Opening hours

    • Weekdays: 07:00 to 15:30,
    • Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: closed

Dear customers. During the holidays, the working hours of the store may change, so please check here again before coming to the store, or call us on +386 80 1202.

Ig production plant

All our products are made at the production plant in Ig. At this location, we also offer the services of wood impregnation with the Silvanolin® preservative, thermal modification of wood according to the Silvapro® procedure and 24-hour wood dipping in the Silvanolin preservative.




How can we help?

Contact us using the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.