Company history


February 1951

At the proposal of the Ministry of Forestry, the Government of the People’s Republic of Slovenia issues a decision on the basis of which the state-owned company SILVAPRODUKT is ESTABLISHED with its headquarters on Parmova ulica in Ljubljana. The task of the newly established company was to exploit forest by-products – collection and processing of pine resins, production and processing of coniferous essential oils and charcoal production. Hence the name, as the prefix SILVA in Latin means FOREST. The company had several plants scattered throughout Slovenia for the production of these products, including an oil mill in Cajnarje near Cerknica and in Studeno near Postojna.


Due to market demand and a recognized market niche, the company in connection with the Institute of Forest and Wood Management and in cooperation with prof. dr. dr. Bogdan Ditrich develops and starts selling some BASIC PRODUCTS IN THE FIELD OF WOOD PROTECTION – salts and pastes for wood impregnation and bandages and caps intended for the protection of wooden poles.čni-drog-Silvaprodukt-768x1024.jpg


Due to market demand and a recognized market niche, the company in connection with the Institute of Forest and Wood Management and in cooperation with prof. dr. dr. Bogdan Ditrich develops and starts selling some BASIC PRODUCTS IN THE FIELD OF WOOD PROTECTION – salts and pastes for wood impregnation and bandages and caps intended for the protection of wooden poles.


The company buys and rearranges a BUILDING ON DOLENJSKA CESTA 42 in Ljubljana, where the administration, production and storage part of the company move from the rented premises on Parmova ulica. In the same building we still have our business premises and a retail store with a warehouse.


The company expands its sales offer and begins production of BITUMEN STRIPS for waterproofing pipes, tanks and reservoirs laid in the ground, cold bituminous degreasing coatings and rust passivation agents.


Due to new development trends in the world of wood protection and the desire to offer the highest quality solutions, we connect with the then leading company for the development and production of impregnation salt WOLMAN GMBH from the then West Germany, with whom we conclude a LICENCE AGREEMENT, which allowed us to produce and sale their products in the territory of the former common state of Yugoslavia.čna-pogodba-s-podjetjem-Wolman.jpg


Based on domestic knowledge and cooperation with the Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana, the company Silvaprodukt develops some other products in the field of wood protection, such as agent AGAINST WOOD CRACKING – Stipol AF and the first domestic chemical preservative for wood protection AGAINST BURNING – Varles BL. The new products allow us to terminate our cooperation and licence agreement with Wolman GMBH and enter the wood preservatives market independently.


Due to the increase in production, the old building on Dolenjska cesta became too small, so the company built a NEW MODERN PRODUCTION HALL and a warehouse with accompanying facilities in Ig near Ljubljana.čana-proizvodna-hala-Silvaprodukt-768x557.jpg


The company receives the JESENKO AWARD, a high professional recognition from the Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana for an important contribution to the development of wood protection in Slovenia and Yugoslavia.


The disintegration of the former common state of Yugoslavia was a BIG CHALLENGE for the company, as with the disintegration we lost most of our market, where we supplied practically all impregnation stations. Then 35 employees of the company started the battle for survival.


After more than a decade of the company’s thorny path turns in 2003 in the right direction, as the year brings a POSITIVE TURN in production and sales indicators, which, except for the period of great economic crisis that occurred at the end of the first decade of the new millennium, TO THIS DAY, show positive trends of continuous growth.


The company files a PATENT APPLICATION for the next-generation “wood preservative”, which we are developing in cooperation with the Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana. The product is later produced and sold under the commercial name SILVANOLIN®, this name and brand are also protected.®-Silvaprodukt-768x541.jpg


The company, in cooperation with the Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana, completes many years of field and laboratory testing and OBTAINS a CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY for its flagship product wood protective primer – SILVANOLIN®.®-Silvaprodukt.jpg


The company establishes in production its first patented chamber for thermal modification of wood and veneer. This milestone indicates a NEW VISION OF THE COMPANY to develop, manufacture and sell wood protection products and services that are friendly to people and nature and harmless, with zero or minimal impact on the environment. The heat treatment process and the device for performing the process are also patented, and the wood modified according to our patented process is sold under the name SILVAPRO®.čno-modifikacijo-lesa-Silvaprodukt-768x576.jpg


The company Silvaprodukt receives the award for quality “SREBRNI CEH”, which is awarded by the Chamber of Craft and Entrepreneurship of Slovenia.


Podjetje prejme PRIZNANJE mednarodnega obrtnega sejma MOS za »Predstavitev okolju najprijaznejših pripravkov za zaščito lesa.«


The company, in cooperation with external partners, establishes a larger, commercially viable CHAMBER FOR THERMAL MODIFICATION OF WOOD, which as such was also the only one in Slovenia.čno-modifikacijo-lesa-Silvaprodukt-768x200.jpg


We begin to actively raise awareness and educate the professional and general public about the POSSIBILITIES AND BENEFITS OF THERMALLY MODIFIED WOOD and about the new service offered by Silvaprodukt. With the help of new technology and a machine for thermal modification of wood, our SILVAPRO® products receive numerous recognitions and awards both at home and around the world.ška-fakulteta-in-Silvaprodukt-768x513.jpg


Silvaprodukt receives from the Ministry of the Economy, Development and Technology of Slovenia and the national agency Spirit Slovenia “1st . NATIONAL AWARD FOR THE MOST INNOVATIVE USE OF WOOD, for the product: top-quality façade cladding made of modified poplar wood according to the SILVAPRO® process ”. SILVAPRO®«.ška-fakulteta-in-Silvaprodukt-768x513.jpg


In the company Silvaprodukt as a partner within the international research project Wintherwax from the European project scheme Horizon 2020 WE DEVELOP a modern, environmentally friendly surface protection for wood, WAX OF NATURAL ORIGIN with exceptional water-repellent effect – SILVACERA®.ška-fakulteta-in-Silvaprodukt-768x513.jpg


We received the OHS AWARD for “Contribution to Architectural Excellence”.


The company receives the “CREATORS FOR CENTURIES” award from the International Economic Forum for the development of ideas, innovations and investments in the field of entrepreneurship in Central and South-Eastern Europe for 2019®-kapljice-Silvaprodukt-768x576.jpg


The company receives the GOLD PLAQUE of the municipality of Ig for 70 years of operation.
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