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Silvaprodukt and wood protection

Due to its climatic characteristics (high humidity, moderate temperatures and high amounts of precipitation), Slovenia is considered to be one of the most unfavourable areas in Europe for the use of wood outdoors. Yet forecasts of changes in our climate, as a result of global climate change, predict even milder winters and poorer precipitation regimes for our regions. All this will additionally stimulate the development of wood pests and speed up the decay of wood.

These facts and the extremely unfavourable climate are constantly shortening the life of products made from all types of wood, both native and exotic (beech, ash, fir, spruce, pine, larch, Siberian larch, teak, etc.) It is therefore of utmost importance to use proven quality wood preservatives and wood preservative systems to protect wood from wood pests such as moulds, wood-decay fungi and wood-boring insects that cause the deterioration of wood elements or buildings.

In cooperation with the Biotechnical Faculty (University of Ljubljana), Department of Wood Science & Technology, Silvaprodukt has developed some extremely effective products and procedures for quality protection of all wood, irrespective of the conditions and purpose of its use.

The results of extensive field and laboratory testing in our homelandacross Europe and around the globe, spanning more than a decade, have shown that our products and services are of proven quality, effective, and environmentally, human, and animal friendly solutions for wood protection.

Last but not least, our international patents, numerous awards, and prizes, references, certificates of conformity, and achievement of various European standards are a strong proof of highest quality.

However, our greatest pride comes from the fact that for more than 70 years we have been taking care of our natural treasure  wood  as our preservatives have been proven to significantly extend its service life, which means a considerable reduction in the maintenance costs of wood products or buildings for the user, a longer CO2 storage period in wood, and consequently a lower carbon burden for the environment, as well as a decreased need for logging in our forests.

Together, we must strive to use our natural resources more efficiently and more sparingly, as this is the only way to succeed in our desire to create an environmentally-friendly and sustainable society as a whole, if we are to preserve our environment and our planet for posterity.

Silvaprodukt, the right partner for wood protection.

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In our 70 years of operation, we have successfully completed many major projects, delighting with our quality both our business partners and small users who put their trust in us. You are welcome to see some of our references.

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