Wood that lasts.
Silvaprodukt, for 70 years now!

Wood Preservation

70 years of tradition and innovative, eco-friendly solutions for a proven long-term protection of wood for all uses.

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Water-based wax emulsion for effective and long-lasting protection of wood


Primary water-based wood preservative


Primary water-based wood preservative


Water-based acrylic coating

Thermally modified wood, 100% natural wood protection


Anti-cracking and anti-splintering coating


In its several-decades-long collaboration with the Biotechnical Faculty of Ljubljana, Department of Wood Science and Technology Silvaprodukt has developed some exceptionally effective products and procedures for quality protection of all wood, regardless of the conditions and purpose of its use.

The results of extensive field and laboratory tests carried out in Slovenia, across Europe and the world, some of which spanned for over a decade, have shown that our products and services have a proven track record when it comes to quality, effectiveness and environment-, people- and animal-friendly solutions for the protection of wood. After all, our international patents, numerous awards and recognitions, references, certificates of conformity and meeting various European standards also stand as testimony to this.

But we pride ourselves most on the fact that for more than 70 years, we have been taking care of our natural wealth – wood, for our preservatives have been demonstrated to extend the life expectancy of wood several times, resulting in a significant reduction in costs of maintenance of wood products and structures for the user, an extended period of CO2 storage in wood benefiting the environment and lowering its carbon load, and less need of logging our forests.

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